You can reduce your chances of developing cancer and several chronic diseases by making healthy food choices. A diet rich in plant foods, whole grains and legumes can give your body the range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants it needs to stay healthy.

Plus, eating a variety of healthy foods can help prevent weight gain and decrease body fat. Maintaining a healthy weight is one of the most important things you can do to reduce your risk of cancer.

Moreover, nutrition during cancer treatment is essential for minimizing the side-effects of cancer treatments, whether chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Proper nutrition before, during, and after treatment can help you feel better and be more resistant, both physically and psychologically.

At an Amethyst Radiotherapy Centre, our physicians will assist you in choosing a proper diet for your particular treatment, based on your current eating habits and on what is best for you.

Our physicians place a great emphasis on nutrition in the fight against cancer by focusing on maintaining the immune system as strong as possible and at the same time by managing as best they can the side effects of the treatment.

They will provide recommendations for a healthier and personalized diet depending on the deficiencies of each patient and will supplement the diet with vitamins or medication when appropriate.

No food or food group can prevent cancer, and eliminating specific foods won’t eliminate your risk. But basing your diet on plants and following some basic guidelines can help you reduce your risk of developing cancer and several other chronic diseases.