Who are we

Amethyst Radiotherapy is Europe’s fastest growing private cancer treatment institution. We combine the experience of the foremost cancer experts in Europe and the newest, most advanced techniques and equipment to offer our patients the best treatments. Our focus is on radiation oncology.

Amethyst centers provide the most precise and advanced cancer treatments available, which are made possible by our strict commitment to the most recent research and the use of the most advanced equipment. In 2018 alone, our medical teams, which counts more than 100 doctors spread across 10 centers, have treated over 15.000 oncologic patients.

Amethyst Group is a privately owned healthcare investment company, whose owners have been active in the healthcare and pharma markets in Central and Eastern Europe for the past 20 years. Founded in 2010, Amethyst focuses making the latest radiotherapy technologies available to all patients. Our aim is simple: to ensure that reliable, modern and operational medical services are provided to the communities of cancer patients within our markets.

Amethyst aims to be a powerful and meaningful source of healthcare development for the countries in which it operates. Today, Amethyst is present with nine centers distributed across five European countries.

This is but a part of our story; Amethyst and its owners are deeply involved in the community through our network of community doctors and our continuous well-being programs, aimed at ensuring better quality of life for post-treatment patients and their families.

Amethyst is set to continue its fast growth and to reach 20 clinics and 40 linear accelerators by the end of the year 2020.