Amethyst new opening: Rome!

May 2017 marks the first day of the new Amethyst center in Rome. The grow of the Amethyst network has now reached the Italian Peninsula.

Located in the pictoresque Isola Tiberina, an island located inside the Tiber river, the center stems from a partnership between Amethyst and Fatebenefratelli order, which has run the San Giovanni Calibita Hospital since 1585. The center is located inside the hospital building. It develops around the ruins of the temple of the ancient roman god of medicine, Aesculapius.

The island has served since the III century BCE as the healthcare center of Rome. The new investments planned by Amethsyt on the site aim at creating a quality-focused, high-technology radiotherapy center by revamping and completelly renovate the existing department.

The center is equipped with two last generation Varian Linacs complete of all accessories. A shuttle service is also available for all people who have difficulties reaching the Island.

May 15, 2017 1:46 pm Edoardo Agosti