Romania, București

Our Bucharest clinic became operational in September 2012 and has since offered medical opinion, diagnostic and treatment to more than 5000 patients from across Romania and neighboring countries such as Bulgaria and the Republic of Moldova.

Amethyst Bucharest was designed and built as a center of excellence in cancer care: a healing-centered building with spacious and comfortable medical space, equipped with cutting-edge radiation technology and an extraordinary medical team renowned for its professionalism, experience and empathy for the patients.

In Bucharest we offer our patients treatment with high precision radiation-both external beam radiation IMRT VMAT on two linear accelerators and internal as High Definition Brachytherapy. The Bucharest clinic also has an extensive oncology ward for consultation and treatments where patients in need undergo chemotherapy and hormonal therapy, nutrition, support and psychological therapies.


Phone: +40 02 19 368
Address: Drumul Odăi, nr 42, Otopeni