France, La Garenne Colombes

Established in 1965, La Garenne -Colombes clinic is designed to offer modern treatment to oncological patients. Due to its results, the clinic has built a strong reputation for medical rigor and precision among the French cancer treatment facilities. It is located within the premises of the private hospital Clinique Lambert, part of the Ramsay Generale de Sante, one of the largest networks of private hospitals in France.

Amethyst La Garenne-Colombes medical team is formed of 26 cancer care specialists, among which, eight reputed oncologists and radiation oncology doctors. Close to 1200 French and foreign patients has been treated here annually in its three main departments: external radiation oncology, chemotherapy and brachytherapy.

The clinic is easily accessible both to local patients and international patients. The clinic is within walking distance to La Garenne-Colombes train station and approximately 30 minutes’ drive to the airport Charles de Gaulle airport.


Phone:  +33 1 55 66 94 00
Address: 65 Avenue Foch, 92250 La Garenne-Colombes