Amethyst italia organises its first event on Radiotherapy on May 25-26

The first event organised and sponsored by Amethyst Radioterapia Italia – Italian branch of the Amethyst Group – and Fatebenefratelli occured on May 25-26.

Over 100 radiotherapist participated to the event. At the congress, the latest reseach on Lung, Prostate and Breast cancer were illustrated to the attendees.

More than 25 speakers from all over Europe presented their latest findings, including Dr. Prof. Guy Storme and Dr. Jean-Marc Cosset who are part of Amethyst’s scientific board.

The event “has been an occasion to share knowledge and best practices on the surgical, diagnostical and pharmacological aspects of  the tumoral diseases that most concern radiotherapic treatment, namely breast, prostate and lung cancer” explained Dr. Luca Marmiroli, medical director at the Fatebenefratelli-Amethyst center.

Dr. Marmiroli continued, explaining that “another aim of this congress is to create a stronger network of oncologists and radiotherapists in Rome, in order to promote the organisation of inter-disciplinary Tumor  Boards in as many hospitals and clinics as possible.”


July 6, 2019 3:18 pm Edoardo Agosti