Amethyst centers

Amethyst is a growing network of radiotherapy clinics. We operate 10 centre across France, Italy, Austria, Poland and Romania. High-tech radiotherapy is at the core of all Amethyst Radiotherapy clinics. We strive to offer oncological patients access to the best treatments available.

Our clinics are designed to provide the best conditions to receive and administer cancer treatments.

From waiting rooms to treatment rooms, Amethyst centres are designed to maximize patient comfort and safety and ensure seamless workflows.  Amethyst centres are equipped to tackle all types of cancers, including paediatric cases.

Integration between Amethyst centres is guaranteed by the Amethyst Management System (AMS®). With this powerful tool, our doctors can share their experiences and know-how across Europe in a heartbeat, guaranteeing that each treatment is performed in accordance with the most advanced and safe international treatment protocols.

To ensure the highest and safest quality care for patients, our scientific board – which consists of professors and doctors at the forefront of cancer research, constantly reviews and updates our treatment protocols according to the latest research in radiotherapy.

Within the Amethyst network, we organize periodic continuous training and events to ensure that each member of our staff follows the best medical practices available.