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Amethyst Bucharest opened in 2012
  • Amethyst-Fundeni

    A new Amethyst clinic was inaugurated in Bucharest

    Opened in May 2015, Amethyst Bucharest Fundeni is our newest clinic. It is conveniently located just across the Bucharest Oncological Institute and is designed to serve the oncology patients in need for fast and accurate diagnosis and treatment. The clinic is served by more than 15 associated doctors, mainly oncologists, surgeons, urologists and gynecologists, who […]

  • mezzanine

    Amethyst Radiotherapy attracts an institutional shareholder

    Amethyst Radiotherapy attracts an institutional shareholder. Starting with April 2015, the investment fund Accession Mezzanine Capital III, managed by Mezzanine Management, became a shareholder in the company through capital increase. The fund had been already an investor since the beginning of 2014, when it granted Amethyst Radiotherapy a large credit designed to boost the company’s […]

  • centrul-amethyst-cluj

    Amethyst Radiotherapy opened a new clinic in Cluj in September 2014

    As of September 2014, a state-of-the art radiotherapy center is available to cancer specialists from Cluj-Napoca city and vicinity, where patients can be treated with IMRT- VMAT radiotherapy technique-the newest and most efficient solution for cancer treatment. Due to the proximity of the renowned Oncology Institute “Prof. Dr. Ion Chiricuta”, the city of Cluj-Napoca was […]

  • poza-imrt-vmat

    Amethyst chooses to implement the latest technology available in radiotherapy: Volumetric modulated Arc-Therapy

    With VMAT, radiation beams sweep around the patient, greatly reducing treatment time compared to conventional radiation treatment. This technology also offers the radiotherapist more control and flexibility to deliver a carefully targeted dose so that only the tumor receives a high dose of radiation. Higher dose on the tumor Shorter treatment time Better protection of […]

  • linear-accelerators-krakow

    3 Linear accelerators being installed in Krakow

    The next stage of the construction of the Amethyst Radiotherapy Center in Krakow has begun: 3 Elekta Synergy Linear accelerators and 1 Elekta Flexitron brachytherapy afterloader are being installed. Since May 2013, the walls and the ceilings of the bunkers have been finished. The center is now a high standard medical building, ready to receive […]